When Gene Burrows gets out of prison, he plans to kill Hotaru. And despite the Death Busters relocating in Hokaido's Cape Danger, Gene Burrows still goes after them. Can Hotaru with her two new friends, Mordecai & Rigby, do something about it?

Full SummaryEdit

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  • Antagonist: Gene "Hackman" Burrows
  • This is the first time Mordecai and Rigby meet Hotaru and learn her secret.
  • Despite mentioning the park job, Mordecai and Rigby will not become employees of Tokyo's park until First Day~KNS Style.
  • This episode is one of the only episodes to feature the entire Death Busters as the protagonists.
  • Ernie the Giant Chicken makes his appearance in the episode.
  • Teacher from Cow and Chicken makes a cameo appearance in this episode.
  • Mordecai and Rigby make a vow to cure Hotaru from being possessed by Mistress 9.
  • This is the first time Mordecai and Rigby also become Hackman's sworn enemies.
  • Richard Moore from Detective Conan/Case Closed makes a cameo appearance in the episode.
  • This is the first time the Hypnos make their first appearance.
  • This is the first chronological appearance of the entire cast (aside Mordecai and Rigby) of Regular Show.
  • Aside from the doll version, this is the only episode that has Gene Burrows without Mr. Scatterbrain involved.