This is the 5th season that takes place.

Arcs in OrderEdit

  • Chapter 21: Returns, Upgrades, Mysteries, & Mirrors Arc (based on first two of six parts of Sailor Stars & Equestria Girls)
  • Movie 5: The 3'o Clock Fairy Caper (based on Sailor Moon Super S Movie)
  • Chapter 22: Neherina & Element Tree Arc (based on final four of six parts of Sailor Stars & FIM Season 4 premiere)
  • Chapter 23: Return to Cyberspace Arc
  • Special 5: Crystal Skull Adventure (Based on Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls)
  • Movie 6: Strains, Struggles, Density (Based on Regular Show the Movie)
  • Chapter 24: Sailor Animamates Arc
  • OAV 5: Moebius Arc
  • Chapter 25: Galaxia, Sirens, & Tirek Arc (based on last 8 Sailor Stars episodes, FIM Season 4 finale & Rainbow Rocks)