• Name: Hiram Marmaduke Mouse the Mouse King
  • Japanese Seiyuu: Ikkei Seta
  • English Voice: Mike MacDonald (Johnny Depp for singing voice)
  • First appearance "The Nutcracker Prince"
  • First appearance in a Kouja no Senshi Arc: Season 1 Chapter 3: "Chrono Arc"
  • Age: Probably toon ages (physically early 30s)
  • Turn ons: Adelaine, his adopted children, fighting to defend his friends, cheese, more TBD
  • Turn offs: Being called a rat, people hurting his tail by statue, fire, etc., being insulted or threatened, his family and friends getting threatened, Ratigan mostly, his mother Selene
  • Friends: Team Spicer (when he still works for them), the Kouja no Senshi especially Swiper the Fox, Mickey, Hans, Clara, Drosselmeyer, Adelaine
  • Enemies: Kouja no Senshi (when still working with Team Spicer), Hans, Clara, Drosselmeyer, the toys of Toy Land (when he's still a bad guy), Team Spicer sometimes, Ratigan mostly
  • Love Interest: Adelaine
  • Birth: Many years ago
  • Temp Death: Killed by Warren during "Christmas Special 2: Of Toys & Mice", resurrected a bit later.

(More to Come...)