Now here is the episode listing of that which has taken place in Season 3.

Arcs in OrderEdit

  1. Movie 3: Fiore's Vengeance (Based on the Sailor Moon R Movie) (Parts 1-4) (Completed)
  2. OAV 3: Bad Fur Day Arc (Based on Conker's BFD/Live & Reloaded) (M-Rated) (Acts 133-145)
  3. Chapter 11: Mysterious Sailors Arc (Acts 1-7)
  4. Chapter 12: Feudal Japan Arc (Acts 8-10)
  5. Chapter 13: Holy Grail Arc (Acts 11-13)
  6. Christmas Special 3: Wrath of Kaguya (based on Sailor Moon S Movie) (Chapters 1-4)
  7. Chapter 14: Witches 5, Temples, & Crest Orbs Arc (Acts 14-26)
  8. Chapter 15: Death Busters Arc (Acts 27-30)

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