• Name: Mr. Grumpy
  • Japanese Seiyuu: Haru Sato
  • English Voice: Sam Gold
  • First appearance: "The Mr. Men Show"
  • First appearance in a Kouja no Senshi Arc: Season 1 Chapter 2: "Lavos Mythos Part 3: Senshi's Notes"
  • Age: Probably in his 30s
  • Turn ons: Being alone (sometimes), watching TV, fishing, writing his life story, his hat, liverwurst, Miss Graceful, Miss Milly, Miss Chatterbox (even though he tries not to show it)
  • Turns off: People bothering or disturbing him, Mr. Tickle's tickles, Mr. Rude, Kurata, Carl the Cockroach Wizard, bad guys, Mr. Stubborn, birds, people who he like to called "dodo birds", bad luck, sitting behind tall people, Miss Chatterbox when she won't shut up at times (early on), the illness that took Miss Graceful, his mother who he took some of his traits from
  • Friends: The Kouja no Senshi, the Mr. Men Show cast especially Mr. Happy, Mr. Tickle (sometimes), Miss Milly and Miss Chatterbox
  • Enemies: Team Spicer sometimes, various villains that the Kouja no Senshi has deal with, Mr. Rude, Mr. Stubborn and sometimes Mr. Tickle
  • Love Interests: Miss Graceful (Deceased); Miss Milly (Formerly); Miss Chatterbox
  • Birth: Unknown
  • Death: N/A

(More to Come)