This is the 4th season that takes place.

Arcs in OrderEdit

  1. Movie 4: The Legendary Dragon Warriors (Chapters 1-4)
  2. Christmas Special 4: Oogie's Revenge (Chapters 1-4)
  3. OAV 4: Count Bleck Arc (Acts 146-181)
  4. Special 4: Hitchhiker's Guide~KNS Style (Chapters 1-6)
  5. Chapter 16: Spaceballs Arc (Acts 1-5)
  6. Chapter 17: A New Hope Arc (Acts 6-12)
  7. Chapter 18: Empire Strikes Back Arc (Acts 13-??) (in progress)
  8. Chapter 19: Return of the Jedi Arc
  9. Chapter 20A: Grand Space Exploration Arc: A. Solaris
  10. Chapter 20B: Grand Space Exploration Arc: B. Starseeds
  11. Chapter 20C: Grand Space Exploration Arc: C. Journey Home
  12. Chapter 20D: Grand Space Exploration Arc: D. Discord, Rulers, & Dead Moon Circus (based on Keep Calm & Flutter On, Magical Mystery Cure, and last Sailor Moon SuperS episodes)

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