This here is the list of pairings that are seen in ZIO Axis. Here are the actual pairings as follows:

Dating PairingsEdit

  • Brick/Blossom
  • Boomer/Bubbles
  • Butch/Buttercup
  • Darry/Kaylee

More to come...

Married Pairings (Married Since)Edit

  • Matt (D)/Sora (D) (KNS Season 4 OAV 4)
  • Tai/Mimi (KNS Season 4 OAV 4)
  • Sora/June (KNS Season 4 OAV 4)
  • Danny/Ami (KNS Season 4 OAV 4)
  • Raven/Grievous (KNS Season 4 OAV 4)
  • Ash/Yumi (KNS Season 4 OAV 4)
  • Coming Soon...

More to come...

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