Oogie Boogie was an evil bag of bugs from Halloween Town who tried to make Santa Claus into a snake and spider stew. But the Kouja no Senshi showed up to combat him and his evil. It ended for him when Jack Skellington pulled a loose thread from his bag and released all his bugs into the bubbling cauldron. After he soon possessed his own home to crush Jack Skellington. Soon the orbs of darkness the supported his form were destroyed and he collapsed into nothing. He was then revived a year later with his memory fuzzy but remembered his defeat. He tried again, this time using Santa's factory to crush his enemies. But his sides split and bugs poured out dead. Later he was revived by his henchmen Lock, Shock and Barrel. He decided to do one more fing to become the seven holidays king. As he made of with the sleigh, one of the jack-in-the-boxes went off and spooked the reindeer, causing him to fall out. He soon became massive by compiling all of the junk and insects in the holiday junkyard. He was soon destroyed by Sailor Moon and Pegasus. Though it is unknown if he will return or not.

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