• Name: Psycho Weasel
  • Japanese Seiyuu: Tada Aoi
  • English Voices: Charles Flesicher in the Roger Rabbit movie, Richard Steven Horvitz for everything else
  • First appearance: "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"
  • First appearance in a pre-Kouja no Senshi arc: "WFRR 1 1/2: Toon of their Lives"
  • First appearance in a Kouja no Senshi Arc: Season 1 Chapter 3: Chrono Arc
  • Age: Toon age (physically early 20s)
  • Turns on: Cutting things with razor, shooting stuff, candy and maybe soda, Sarah Weasel, driving like a maniac, his pal Nack the Weasel, torturing people he don't like, etc. etc.
  • Turn offs: Wolves, suitors of Sarah, being called Justin (his real name), insane, etc., not being allowed to drive by Nack, Judge Doom, Ramses, cute kittens, more to be determined
  • Friends: Kouja no Senshi, the Toon Patrol, Sarah Weasel (girlfriend), Nack the Weasel, Don Weazo and the mob
  • Enemies: Team Spicer sometimes, Judge Doom, various enemies that he and his pals dealt with over time
  • Love Interest: Sarah
  • Birth: Sometime near the start of the 20th century (190X)
  • Temp Death: N/A at this time

(More to Come...)

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