Mr. Rude, Miss Naughty, and others take a foreign exchange program to France, though what happens is after Le Quack gets mugged, they're taken by con men who have other plans. Meanwhile, a Korean student whom seems nice is not who he seems!

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  • Antagonists: Maltese de Sade and Reley
  • Credit goes to LilliththeOttsel for French words.
  • This is the first time any characters of Kouja no Senshi visits France.
  • We learn Mr. Rude is French-Canadian.
  • Mr. Rude and Miss Naughty speak French for the first time.
  • Some events are explained in Ratatouille~KNS Style and Great Mouse Detective~KNS Style
  • This is chronologically the first cameo appearance of Professor Ratigan.
  • This is chronologically the first time Miss Helpful mentions Texas.