This is a listing for the villains in the spinoff series, ZIO Axis. Hope you enjoy.

Main VillainsEdit

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Counterpart: HeartlessEdit

  1. Princess Luna: Nightmare Moon (Leader)
  2. Sora (KH): Aros
  3. Kairi: Iriak
  4. Delete: Killerjack
  5. Betty: Atomic Destruction
  6. Serena/Sailor Moon: Sailor Dark Side
  7. Amy/Sailor Mercury: Sailor Fallen
  8. Danny Fenton: Black Phantom
  9. Juniper Lee: Enuj
  10. Swiper: Swipe-O
  11. Blossom: Berserk
  12. Bubbles: Brat
  13. Buttercup: Brute
  14. Snake: Reptioid
  15. Princess: Queenie
  16. Vultureman: Thunderbird
  17. Maximus: Dark Overlord
  18. Nemesis: Rinoa the Assassin
  19. Ami/Sailor Star Lover: Sailor Star Hater
  20. Ash: Nash
  21. Hinata: Blind-Sided
  22. Naruto: Kyubi
  23. Sasuke: Dark Ninja
  24. Digit: Drugit
  25. Gaz: Yazuke
  26. Roy (FE): The Masked Demon
  27. Alan Matthews: Shadow Boy
  28. William LaBouche: The Bridgekeeper
  29. Julayla/Sailor Solaris: Sailor Dark Kingdom
  30. Fuzzy Lumpkins/Sir Emblem: The Abominable Fuzzy
  31. Roll: Gothic Roll
  32. Tron Bonne: Susie the Pirate
  33. Goten: Togneg
  34. Grievous: Suffering
  35. Yumi/Sailor Star Rocker: Sailor Star Gothic
  36. Smart Ass: Wize Guy
  37. Stupid: Dodo
  38. Wheezy: Hyper
  39. Greasy: Smooth
  40. Psycho: Nutty
  41. Sarah: Lula (somewhat reluctant)
  42. Twilight Sparkle: Twilight Moon
  43. Applejack: Liarjack
  44. Rainbow Dash: Rainbow Chaos
  45. Pinkie Pie: Pinkamena
  46. Rarity: Crarity
  47. Fluttershy: Fluttercruel
  48. Raye/Sailor Mars: Sailor Terror
  49. Lita/Sailor Jupiter: Sailor Nightmare
  50. Mina/Sailor Venus: Sailor Hatred
  1. Sakura (Naruto): ???
  2. Sonic: ???
  3. Fireblaze: Firedark

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Season 1 VillainsEdit

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More to Come...

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