Julayla's set of Heroes...

-Julayla (Super Saiyan/Sailor Scout/Author)

JusSonic's set of Heroes...

Charles' set of Heroes...

-Charles Robert (Beyblade Champion/Pony Enthusiast/Fighter/Author)

Orange Ratchet's set of Heroes...

-Hank the Cowdog (Leader of the Fictional Heroes/Hank the Cowdog)

-Bucky B. Katt (Co-Leader of the Fictional Heroes/Get Fuzzy)

-Heather (Queen Bee/Fictional Hero fighter/Total Drama series)

-Red Puckett (Karate Girl/Fictional Hero fighter/Hoodwinked!)

-Wolf (Spy Wolf/Disguise perfectionalist/Fictional Hero fighter/Hoodwinked!)

-Twitchy (Fast Talking Squirrel/Fictional Hero fighter/Hoodwinked!)

-Penny Proud (Fashionist/Often the neglected person/Fictional Hero fighter/Proud Family)

-Foxxy Love (Drawn Together housemate/Mystery Investigator/Fictional Hero fighter/Drawn Together)

-Orange Ratchet (Deadpan Snarker/Good Friend/Often an Advice giver/Powers of Manipulation and Laptop on his side/Sometimes a floating head on a computer, sometimes seen walking around with the others/Author)

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